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Step by step


  1. Connect all controllers to the box
    Once the application is started, you can't connect new controllers.
  2. Connect you computer with your beamer/plasma TV over a HDMI cable.
  3. Connect the box with the USB-cable.
    The box is powered with the USB, you don't need a power supply.
  4. Start the ADO BOX software.


  1. Press "Open Game Window". This will open the main window on the second screen (beamer/plasma tv).
    Be sure, the second screen is a full HD monitor (1920x1080).
  2. Select the right port, the one with an Arduino Mega. If you can't find any port, you need to install the Arduino drivers and connect the box:
    Drivers download page.
  3. If the window on the beamer is not centered or you can't hear any sound, you can correct it under Options.
  4. Once, everything is ok, you can press "Connect ADO BOX" to start the game.

Before playing:

  1. Choose your game type (country game, french gender game or german gender game).
  2. Choose how much questions you want (5, 10 or 15).
  3. Insert the name of each player:
    • Only players with a name will be able to play! So set a name for every player!
    • If you want remove a player, clear the textbox.
    • If you want remove all names, press the DEL-button.
    • Ask someone to press a button, the textbox field will color up and you know where to place her/his name.
  4. The quantity of textboxes is equal to the quantity of controllers connected. If you want connect more controllers, you need to restart the application.
  5. If everyone is ready, press PLAY!

Game rounds:

  1. The round is over, if everyone has given the answer.
  2. The next round will be started automatically.
  3. You can see if someone didn't answered on the main window. The answer is only visible, if everyone answered.
  4. The coins shows how many correct answers a player has given.
  5. If, after all rounds, 2 or more players have the same quantity of coins there will be a special round:
    • Players who already lost, can't give the answer.
    • The first player who give the right answer will win.
    • If a player give the answer, before the question was show, he/she will loose.
    • Nobody see who already gave the answer, so the round is over after every playing player pressed a button.