Get Server SSL certificate for your ESP

If you want connect to a https server, you need a certificate. This page will get the certificate of your server, so you can put it directly in your ESP32 code.

Script wrote in PHP
© Adriano Petrucci

Step 1: get certificate
Step 2: copy it to your code
Step 3: execute your sketch
                // PHP code to retrieve your certificate:
// $g = stream_context_create (array("ssl" => array("capture_peer_cert" => true, "capture_peer_cert_chain" => true)));
// $r = stream_socket_client("ssl://[YOURWEBPAGE]:443", $errno, $errstr, 30, STREAM_CLIENT_CONNECT, $g);
// $cont = stream_context_get_params($r);
// $certinfo = openssl_x509_parse($cont["options"]["ssl"]["peer_certificate"]);
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