Welcome to the Free Multiplayer Ace Trumps game.
Free to play - Multiplayer - No registration needed - No installation required
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Ace Trumps / Quartet

This is a game for 2 or more players. You need 2 devices (smartphones) to play it with your friends.
It is free to play, you don't need to sign-in and the page use the new web-standards: no app and no installations.

How to begin

Create Game

The first player, need to create a game.
You can select the quantity of players and the number of cards used for the game.
At this point a game will be created with your settings.
share the game with the QR-code (recommended) or over a social app.
Now, wait until all players joined your game.

Join Game

If you got a link, just click it to join the game.
If you have a QR-code, scan it from your friend and the game will start.

Game Settings

You can set your player name and card data directly on your settings.
The game works without any registration, it is all saved in your browser/cookies.

Game Rules

Once the game started, a player (selected by the game server) will init.
The player must choose a data from the card (speed, acceleration, weight, power, ...).
game rules pic1
The player with the best value will win: he will receive all cards from the other players and can choose the next data.
Game is over, when all cards where played.
The winner is the one who has the most cards.

Ass Data

It is not always the highest value that will win!
If you select "speed", the highest value will win. But if you select "weight", the lowest value will win:
Card dataWins with
Engine sizehighest
Max speedhighest
Turning radiuslowest
Fuel tankhighest


The game is a personal project. Free to play and delivered as it is.
No personal data is sent to anyone, the cookies used in the game are just game settings and does not contain any personal data or identification numbers.
The images are taken on Wikipedia and are not copyrighted.
Most specifications are taken from databases like: or or
Consumptions data are real and not the one claimed by the manufacturer.
Data are taken from
If you need any help, if you want to help, contact me at